Our Team


Grace has had a passion for vintage goods her whole life & always knew she would some day be an entrepreneur - but never would have dreamed that the two would meld together. She loves spending her time with her dogs Boots & Barnie, snowboarding, skateboarding & reading.


30+ yrs of skate and snowboard knowledge. Mark has dreamed of having his own shop since he was a kid. And now he’s working on building a community around it with his partner (Grace) and the rest of the Pocket team.


Dylan works at Pocket. He rides a skateboard and in the winter he rides a snowboard. He knows many secrets and he wrote this bio all by himself.


Jordan sometimes works at pocket. He lives in a basement and has 1 pet. The pet is a cat and the pet’s name is Bernice.


An icon, king and the moment. Not only is he a creative photographer, videographer and cabinet maker, he also skates, snowboards (and skis) and looks great doing it.


Don't be fooled by her exterior, Boots is not only incredibly fashionable, she is also very experienced in customer service.